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Indian Head Massage & Bamboo Massage in Appleton, WI

Indian Head Massage, Appleton, WI, Bamboo Massage at Dreamscapes

Indian head massage (IHM)

is a massage technique tracing back to the ancient Ayurvedic Indian times. Over 4,000 years old and is used to improve overall health, Indian Head Massage has become more and more prevalent in recent years. The practice focuses on the scalp, face, neck, arms, shoulders, and upper back. Indian Head Massage combines techniques to include various massage strokes and acupressure points, including kneading and massage of the neck and shoulder areas. The scalp is also massaged using squeezing, tapping, rubbing or pressing motions.

Indian Head Massage, Appleton, WI, Bamboo Fusion Massage

The therapist will also facilitate facial pressure points to relieve sinus pressure, increase alertness and stimulate circulation. A patient's ears are then pressed and tugged, and their hair gently pulled and slightly tugged away from their scalp to relax the head. Indian Head Massage employs a variety of massage techniques, and works to restore the condition and health of hair using oils, resulting in improved hair growth. This modality is proficient at increasing mental clarity and rejuvenation. Indian Head Massage also helps the release of toxins from trigger points in the muscles, and improves oxygen flow to the brain. It minimizes jaw pain, aids in sleeping, and stimulates lymphatic drainage. By way of the release of endorphins, IHM also reduces stress and anxiety, and alleviates mental sluggishness. This kind of massage is especially effective in relieving tightness around the neck and shoulders, down through the arms and hands, and has been known to help with tinnitus, or ringing of the ears.

Indian Head Massage, Appleton, WI, Bamboo Massage, Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo Massage Therapy

is one of the great forms of both relaxation or therapeutic massage. Bamboo Fusion Massage uses heated, oiled bamboo sticks are applied in this amazing massage.

The heated bamboo is pushed gently into the tissue just as the therapist would use their fingers, but the bamboo allows the therapist to knead  into the muscle as needed, and feels smooth and soothing. The length and breadth of the bamboo used changes from muscle to muscle. Bamboo Massage uses the techniques of light to deep pressure according to client preference, and can assert either light relaxation through firm pressure and deep massage techniques to reach knots. Bamboo Massage is very relaxing! Try a Bamboo Massage at Dreamscapes today!

Indian Head Massage, Appleton, WI, Bamboo Massage, Bamboo Fusion Massage