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Reflexologist Appleton, Certified Reflexology Classes

Reflexologist certified Appleton, WI, Reflexology Certification Classes

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What? Reflexology Seminar/Reflexology 

$400 for Weekend 1 for 16 hr training weekend to be Reflexologist without certification. Can open a practice, but can't call yourself certified.

When are the next classes?

Saturday, March 21 -Sunday, March 22, 2020 @ 9 AM - 5 PM

Where? Towne Center Park 1850 Grand Chute Blvd. Room A Appleton, WI 

Who? Reflexology Class for anyone interested in using Reflexology on family, friends & or as career on others whether business or personal.

Reflexology Certification:

CONTINUE ON TO 2nd Weekend Classes ($175)


3rd Weekend classes ($300) to test out that weekend with practicum and written test to COMPLETE YOUR REFLEXOLOGY FOOT CERTIFICATION COURSE FOR PROFESSIONAL REFLEXOLOGY SERVICES!



Reflexology, Appleton, WI, Reflexology Certification Classes, Certified Reflexologist

Certified Reflexology Services

Reflexology "Zone Bliss" 

$75 for 75 minutes of Foot Reflexology, Foot Massage, Hand Reflexology, Hand Massage, and, if client wants them, essential oils. Reflexology balances to normalize the body, decreases tension throughout ALL of the body's organs, & increases circulation throughout the entire body. It's the only therapy of its kind!

Hot Stone Reflexology

$75 60 minutes of this amazing Therapy using Reflexology foot techniques and accented with Hot Stones! 

Foot Reflexology

$70 for 60 minutes of Certified Reflexology on the Hands or Feet. Best served with hot towels at the end! Prepare for relaxation at your fingertips!

**!!Special!! **  Reflexology For Lunch??

$65 for 60 minutes Foot Reflexology & Foot Massage Lunch hour! Dreamscapes is offering $65 "Reflexology For Lunch" rates from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Monday through Thursday weekly. This includes 1 hour Reflexology with or without essential oils and if requested, a 5 minute hot water foot soak. You may bring a lunch and eat during your session in a seated comfortable chair. Not in the mood to eat? You may prefer to relax on a heated massage table. Call today to set up and tailor your Reflexology session to you! BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Reflexology: What Is It?

Reflexology is, perhaps, the second oldest of our therapies as we know them today. It is as old as the hieroglyphics, as it is recorded on the walls in ancient times, at least as far back as 5,000 years. Pictured in this hieroglyphic is a practitioner working on someone's feet.Reflexology, much like a river, clears debris away.


Relieves tension

Increases circulation

Normalizes the body

Reflexology, Reflexology Certification Classes,  Certified Foot Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Hand Reflexology, Foot Massage, Hand Massage

Reflexology is a stand alone therapy that works to keep the body in balance and to help the body with its natural ability to heal itself. It works to normalize the body, helping it back to homeostasis. But don't be fooled. REFLEXOLOGY IS NOT A FOOT MASSAGE OR A FOOT RUB! IT'S MUCH MORE THAN THAT, though some foot massage or hand massage techniques are employed during the session. Reflexology divides the body into mapped zones, which cover our entire body. There are 10 zones, five on each side of the body. Each zone is represented by reflex points on the bottom of feet. For example, the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands in the brain, are activated by a specific set of reflex points on your toes.

Stress can be devistating to our bodies, and the cause of many health issues. Reflexology works to release this tension, helping your body to rid itself of the congestion that is blocking that area. So next time you want foot work done, and you decide to try something new, make certain your Reflexologist is CERTIFIED SPECIFICALLY IN REFLEXOLOGY!

Reflexology, Reflexology Certification Classes,  Certified Foot Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Foot Reflexology. Hand Reflexology, Foot Massage, Hand Massage

"The River Analogy"

Reflexology increases circulation, bringing nutrients and life back to a congested area, pulling debris out of clogged areas. Most of the time, we don't think about our circulation and what it does. If I could liken the circulation of our blood to one particular something, it would be a river. For instance, after a storm, sometimes debris will collect at a river bend, until soon, that part of the river overflows its banks, spilling its contents into areas the river normally wouldn't run into. So if you think of "the river analogy", what comes to mind? Perhaps flooding causing stagnant water? And what happens when we clean out the debris? The water is able to flow properly, bringing fresh new life with its rushing water. A picture is worth a thousand words...

Reflexology, Reflexology Certification Classes,  Certified Foot Reflexology, Zone Therapy, Hand Reflexology, Foot Massage, Hand Massage